2019 Tournament Rules
1. Softball BC Rules to govern except where otherwise stated.

3. TIME LIMIT: No new inning after 80 minutes. Once 80 minutes has been completed and you are in the bottom half of the inning with the home team ahead, the game is over. Otherwise, finish the inning that you started. The clock starts at the first pitch.
4. The defense has Unlimited Substitutions. Offense – All players must bat. Pinch runners may be allowed only in the event that a base runner is injured and at the discretion of the home plate umpire. The pinch runner to be the last out.
5. Runs: Runs are limited to three [3] per inning for the first completed inning. Limited to four [4] runs per inning in second and third innings. Five runs max for all subsequent innings. This includes Championship Final Games.
6. Mercy Rule: Applies 10 runs after four [4] innings, seven [7] runs after five [5] completed innings. This includes the Finals round.

7. It is the responsibility of each coach to check the tournament schedule board after each game. Schedule may be altered at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
8. Infield fly and dropped third strike rules do not apply.
9. Team Rosters: (Max. 15 players) Rosters are to be submitted to the Tournament Director no later than 30 minutes before your team’s first game. Complete first and last names only. No nicknames. Include everyone who will or may play during the tournament weekend as you cannot add names to the roster once submitted.
10. Coaches/Associations assume responsibility to ensure that all players are registered with Softball BC and are within the eligible U10 age.
11. Each team to supply one scorekeeper.  Accurate records must be kept of all runs and bases touched (ROUND ROBIN ONLY). At the conclusion of the game, both scorekeepers MUST sign the score tally sheet. The WINNING team scorekeeper (or designate) will return both teams’ score sheets and the tally sheet to the tournament desk IMMEDIATELY following the game. PLEASE CHECK THE TALLY SHEET COMPLETELY BEFORE SIGNING AND TURNING IT IN. as we will NOT be able to to make any changes for errors that you have made. We will post the totals as turned in.
NOTE: scorekeepers should not give out any information regarding the time remaining. Each team should keep their own time. The official time keeper will be the umpire.
12. No gum or sunflower seeds permitted in the dugouts or on the field of play.
13. Stealing: Runners are allowed to advance with liability to be put out once the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.
14. Home/Away Designation: Home and Away staus are designated in Round Robin play. Home team takes 3rd base dugout, away team takes 1st base dugout. In the Championship Round HOME – AWAY is determined by your seeding after the completion of the round robin. The highest seeded team is the home team. In the gold medal round game, the choice of HOME team is awarded to the team from the winners bracket of the championship round.
15. Helmets must be worn. Each helmet must possess a chin strap with the exception of a compression style helmet. Helmets to be worn and in place by all batters and base runners, from dugout to dugout. One warning may be given to each team. Next occurrence (any player) is an automatic out called on the batter/baserunner.
16. Scoring: Scoring in the round robin – 2 points for win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss, +/- runs for and against  (maximum +7/-7) +/- bases touched (maximum +30 / -30).
17. Championship Rounds:  All teams advance to the championship round. Top 6 teams “A” to a single knockout, next 8 teams “B” to a single knockout and the next 8 teams “C” to a single knockout.
18. Bonus Points Awarded for Opening Ceremony and Base Race Competitions:   A total of two [2] points will be awarded to each team that fully participates in both the opening ceremonies as well as the base running competition. These points will be added to the overall round robin points total.
19. CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: Tracking bases touched will not be required.
20. FINAL GOLD MEDAL GAME:  No new inning after 90 minutes [1.5 hours].

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