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This is a quick overview to cover the main points and help answer some of your questions. Please read through this email and should you have more questions – please contact us and I will answer ASAP!

When: Saturday,July 2nd @12:00 noon
Staging Time: 11:45 am
Where: Field 1, outside next to the first base foul pole

Firstly, the opening ceremonies will be very similar to years past. The changes that have been made were in an effort to streamline the event, provide higher entertainment value, keep the kids rested and give each team an equal amount of time during the presentation.

1. Start Time, Saturday 11:45 am: At 11:45 we will assemble all teams outside of Diamond 1 near the first base foul pole. When it is your turn, your team will be guided in my an Oakey player (look for the Green jersey).

Where are we in the order? All 22 teams will be assigned a number. See your Coaches package.

And please hurry. There are hundreds of fans watching so we want to be very respectful of their time. We also want to get these girls off their feet as quickly as possible

2. What do we do when its our turn? When your team is up, you rush onto the infield gravel [guided by an Oakey player] There, you will do a one [1] minute performance. This can be a dance or cheer or whatever you would like to do! And don’t sweat it- this is supposed to be a fun event.

And don’t forget to include your coaches. The kids would love to see their Coach ham it up too!

3. Should we dress up? Costumes/props are highly encouraged. It can be a Canada Day theme or a Super Hero theme. We aren’t picky 🙂

Please do not stress about this as sometimes the most simple props are the most creative and fun!

4. What about music? Each team can email their choice of song and where you would like it to start

Example: Please play the first minute of “Superman” by Five for Fighting – [ SONG |  ARTIST | INSTRUCTIONS ]

Email us here and we will download and get it ready. Please note your team name/coach/ team # given

5. Can we combine with another team? Yes. Teams from the same club can combine together and by doing so, your allotted time can be doubled…or not 🙂 It is up to you.

6. Can we have more time? The short answer is no unless you combine [see above #5 note]
The reason for this is to be considerate of the players well being. The first team on the diamond has to stand in the hot sun while all the latter team enter. So we want to be as concise as possible. There are games to be played so having girls in the hot sun for too long is not a good idea.

7. +1 Bonus Point: The Opening Ceremonies ends up being one of the most memorable moments that the kids take away from this event. So we would like to highly encourage everyone to partake and we will sweeten the pot by adding a bonus point to your overall Round Robin standings for doing so.

But why are we adding a point? This can be a very competitive tournament and we realize that some teams only care about wins/losses and don’t want their kids “exuding unnecessary energy” but skipping out on the ceremonies misses the spirit of the Canada Day Classic. So we want to reward all the teams that take part in this memorable moment. Your players will thank you for it and your standings will benefit too 🙂

Do you have any more questions? Please let me know if you have more questions!

We will continue to update this FAQ with any notes that pertain to the Opening Ceremonies or any other relevant points that you may have.

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