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Opening Ceremony | Dance Rules


     The opening ceremonies are always a very memorable and fun part of the Canada Day Classic. The spirit of this event is to showcase your Team Spirit and have FUN!

This year’s theme can be used- or you can go ‘off script’ and create whatever you like!

Every team is given +1 just for participating. The only way to lose this free point is by not participating


Performance length: 90 seconds max for their performance in its entirety. Less is fine.

Set Up Length: 30 seconds set up max. Must start immediately following the last team.

  • 0:00 : Team 1 starts the performance
  • 1:30: Team 1 concludes. Begins to exit Diamond 1
  • 1:31: Team 2: enters Diamond 1, sets up at the pitching rubber
  • 2:00 (or sooner): begins 90-second performance
  • repeat

Teams are encouraged to combine.

Counts towards overall points: Teams receive +1 point for participation to their overall points.

Props are allowed -the field must be left clean by the conclusion. **Confetti is okay.

Teams must be ready and waiting in the outfield of Diamond 1 for 12:20 PM

Teams are performing in alphabetical order by city. See email for the order.

Organize your team in alphabetical order starting at the Right Field foul line for team 1. The last team will be towards the left-field foul line.

Submitting your song:

Songs must be submitted five (5) days prior to the event start. 

They must be submitted in completed form in MP3 format. If you are not able to convert your audio, we can recommend a service like Fiverr [see here] or ask someone in your parent group. We cannot convert songs for any teams.

Songs to be emailed or shared to:



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